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I have a slightly older desktop running Ubuntu Linux with an older Nvidia GeForce 9-series graphics card (with only DVI and VGA output).

I recently got a new HDTV and want to use that as the monitor for this box. Before I run out to get a DVI -> HDMI adapter, I want to know if the audio output can be piped through this as well. I will have no other option for audio.

My only other option is to be a new, relatively cheap graphics card (sub-$100 range) with an HDMI out. Will this be my only other solution?

When I use the integrated video using the HDMI port built into the motherboard, it is at 1080p and works well with the new TV, but the quality is terrible..

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You will want to get a new video card. DVI does not carry sound - (see

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Actually some newer graphics cards can output sound through the DVI port (into a DVI-HDMI cable only). Unfortunately, the geforce 9 series cards do not appear to support it. See: – Luke Mar 5 '13 at 0:00

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