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I'm having problems with resolving domains at work. The domain is company.local . When I connect, my etc/resolv.conf looks like this:

# Generated by NetworkManager
domain company.local
search company.local

I can fix the problem (hosts not getting resolved) by doing editing the file to:

# Generated by NetworkManager
domain company.local.
search company.local.

How can I set these more permanently? Something in /etc/sysconfig/network? I'm on fedora 17.

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Your /etc/resolv.conf is being populated based on the response got from the DHCP server.

Best solution for you would be to start using dnsmasq as the DNS resolver instead of the default DNS resolver.

This way you can specify additional search domains through config files which would not be over-written. Let me know and I can guide you through the steps for setting up dnsmasq as your DNS resolver.

If you already have dnsmasq configured, these are the lines you would need to add to your /etc/dnsmasq.conf based on the info you posted.

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I already seem to have dnsmasq installed. The manpage is insanely big. What should I do exactly? – Karlo Mar 4 '13 at 9:59

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