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I have a Windows7 PC with a hosted VirtualBox (Ubuntu). On the VirtualBox is an Apache2. The is shared to the Windows7 host. So if I use ls -l I see that the contents are owned by root:vboxsf.

If I switch on the VirtualBox to the Apache user "www-data" (sudo su www-data) I am not able to use mkdir -p /newfolder/newsubfolder

The following would work mkdir /newfolder mkdir /newfolder/newsubfolder

If I run a PHP-Script I have also trouble with mkdir() if the third parameter is true mkdir("/newfolder/newsubfolder", 0774, true);

I have also a problem if I use a PHP-Script with file_exists(). The result is always true.

How do I have to configure the shared folder?

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It works if I add sth. like mount -t vboxfs htdocs /var/www -o uid=www-data,gid=www-data to /etc/rc.local

htdocs is the name of the share in VirtualBox.

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