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Had a Windows 2000 server, system hive was too big issue and couldn't start the machine. The SYSTEM file was overwritten by the file in the /repair folder and it is very old. Was able to get the machine booting but now all the software ect is not working. To make matters worst this was a domain controller. There are two other domain controllers on the network but they seem to require this one to function properly, have an error about the global catalog being missing.

I assume the data on the old machine is there, is there a way to get it off and into one of the other domain controller? The other is actually the primary dc.

Any suggestions?

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Your question is a bit incoherent, please use correct grammar and state what you did, what the problem is and what your are trying to do. – David Mar 4 '13 at 19:48
Sorry a bit frazzled today. On a Windows 2000 domain controller, the SYSTEM file (winnt/system32/config/SYSTEM) was overwritten, there is no back up, with the SYSTEM file in the "repair" dir, it was very very old. I have another domain controller running, Win2008, it is supposedly the primary. But anything Active Directory does not work anymore. The domain seems to essentially not exist anymore. I would like to if possible get Active Dir data from the old 2000 machine, to the new 2008 machine so at least our network can function properly. – user204127 Mar 4 '13 at 20:09

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