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I am trying to setup git ssh client on my windows PC. I was logged in to the PC as a domain user and I installed git and set up the ssh client through the domain user account which I was logged in. My issue is when I generate the ssh key it creates in my private shared folder in the server instead of the default location locally.

Is there anyway I can set the default ssh key generation location in git?

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You can do that but this is an SSH configuration rather than a git one. Your personal configuration file is (on Windows it would be in your private shared folder\.ssh):


Edit this file (and create it if it does not exist already) and set the following:

Host *
  IdentityFile /<drive letter>/<a path>/.ssh/<your_priv_key_name>

This two lines tell that for all hosts the identity file to use for SSH is in the location you specify. Of course, instead of * you can provide an IP address or hostname and set one identity file per host.

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You just need to map the domain user home directory locally.

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