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This is hopefully a simple question. I'm trying to connect to a remote share from Windows 7. The first time I went to connect, I accidentally specified the wrong username. Now, whenever I try to connect to that share, it won't let me specify another username. There is only one tile in the authentication dialog and it's pre-filled with the username I entered incorrectly. A reboot has not fixed the problem.

Note that this only seems to affect Windows Explorer. I can connect properly using NET USE on the command line, where I can specify the username explicitly as a command line parameter.

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You need to go into the "Credentials Manager" for Windows credentials.

This is found in Control Panel under User Accounts and "Manage Your Credentials".

In there you should find a reference to the resource. Simply delete the credential and Windows will re-prompt.

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That did the trick. – siride Mar 4 '13 at 22:08

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