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I've set a delay in Outlook (2010) on all my outgoing mail (2 mins) which is working well. However, the messages don't appear in my sent items until after they send. This means I can't find them to cancel them if required. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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Messages that have not been sent appear in your Outbox. Once sent, they appear in your Sent Items

The act of cancelling a message is to send the recipient a Recall message for an already sent email - this is sometimes automatically honoured in internal networks, but otherwise is a request the end user can choose to honour or not.

In your case, if you don't want to send the message and realise this before the delay expires, then just delete it from your Outbox.

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I know what you mean by "cancel". You want to stop a delayed email from actually being transmitted while it is still sitting in the Outbox. This is not to be confused with recalling an email- which is something else entirely.

Remember this:

"Outbox" = pending outbound messages (either due to delayed send, or the fact it is simply still in the process of sending.) You usually only see an email in here for any length of time if large attachments slow it down slightly- then it moves to the Sent folder (unless using delayed send, when it becomes normal- as in this case).

"Sent Items" = delivered outbound messages. It's gone. The only option here would attempting a recall.

The "Sent" folder only tells you want has already been sent. So, if an email you sent isn't there, then it will still be in "outbox" and is likely still within your 2 minute delay window.

How can you make it easier to find these emails to cancel them?

Consider adding the "Outbox" folder to your "Favorites" list at the top, so you can always find it quickly if you suddenly change your mind about an email you "sent":

enter image description here

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Oops. Thank you both for a very patient and helpful response given the question. In my defense (if there could possibly be one), my sent items was pinned to favorites and I seem to have generated two separate directories of folders- found the outbox hiding in a list of mostly unused folders at the bottom. – Joe Mar 5 '13 at 7:42

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