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Clipboard manager for Ubuntu?

I'm looking for an application that allows me to store multiple items in the clipboard. On Windows I use ClipX for that. Do you know such a program for Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)?

Answer Initially I used glipper. But somehow glipper breaks copying images and the bug has been in there since 2007 so a quick fix seems unlikely. Therefore I use Klipper with Gnome now.

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Sorry, I saw that it was a duplicate only after posting the question. I guess it was not recommended before because I had neither "clipboard" nor "Ubuntu" in the title. –  user13792 Oct 17 '09 at 18:47

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Glipper is a clipboardmanager for the GNOME Panel. It maintains a history of text copied to the clipboard from which you can choose. You can see this as a GNOME counterpart to KDE's Klipper.

alt text

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oh I am sorry !!! i didn't know that you already got the answer –  joe Oct 16 '09 at 11:43

There's also an older application called "xclipboard".

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