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I'm running Eclipse Juno and this is the keybinding bound to Ctrl+Shift+B according to the preferences menu:

Image of preferences Windows where only one function, Build All, is bound to Ctrl+Shift+B

Yet when I hit Ctrl+Shift+B, Eclipse pops up this conflict dialog window in the lower right corner of the IDE:

Image of dialog where both "Build All" and "Toggle Breakpoint" is assigned to Ctrl+Shift+B

I've tried clearing and reassigning the "Toggle Breakpoint" function to no avail. I've also checked the "Toggle watch" function but that is not the problem. I've also tried restarting Eclipse.

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Maybe this helps:

I've had a hidden key binding which I removed in [your-workspace].metadata.plugins\org.eclipse.e4.workbench\workbench.xmi as mentioned on this page:

Problem for me was that the key binding was introduced through a plugin which I then uninstalled, but apparently the key binding was not fully uninstalled.

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Great find! :-) – Nilzor Apr 25 '13 at 9:13

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