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Along with Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller drivers, a utility called "iusb3mon.exe" (Intel USB 3.0 Monitor) was installed at startup.

Its apparent goal is to "monitor" some USB 3.0 functions. My questions are therefore:

  • What USB 3.0 functions it monitors in particular?
  • What functionality will I lose if I elect to terminate this process?
  • Why did Intel deem it significant to run it on Startup?

To clarify the rationale for my question:

From what I can tell, all my USB devices work just fine without this process. When a kernel mode driver has an accompanying usermode process (that's a process within the session, not a service), it's usually to complement the kernel driver with some UI. Did anyone see any UI presented by iusb3mon?

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I haven't in fact checked USB 3.0 devices as they're hard to come across, but as a driver developer I can tell you there's no chance in hell the kernel driver waits for a usermode process to do something during the USB 3.0 handshake, which probably happens right upon plugging in. –  Ilya Mar 5 '13 at 15:24
The iusb3mon process should probably do something like letting you know the host controller hasn't got enough bandwidth for two devices, or "This device can run faster on a USB 3.0 port." but I'm looking for confirmation on this before I go to reverse-engineer this process. –  Ilya Mar 5 '13 at 15:25
Found this via Google, do answer your question if you ever find out. I love having to decrapify brand-new PCs because every driver feels entitled to several background processes that don't do shit. –  lunboks Mar 9 '13 at 1:32
@Ilya I appreciate your persistence in this quest. –  Jonathon Reinhart Nov 6 '13 at 9:22

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To directly answer your question,

The job of this utility was to monitor the functionality and system usage of your USB ports in the background and look for any possible problems. All Windows Operating Systems have a core USB Monitoring system already and the Intel Utility is not necessary in any way. Intel wanted to use a tool Intel Made to monitor USB related system problems etc. But it isn't necessary and can be stopped and removed.

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Please clarify what kind of functionality it monitors. I'm well familiar with USB internals so please be technical. –  Ilya Oct 1 '13 at 14:57

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