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Whenever I try to access a web application that uses Java, IE complains with the dialog box:

SysFader: iexplore.exe
Application Error
The instruction at "some memory addr" referenced memory at "the same memory addr". The memory could not be "written".
Click on OK to terminate the program.

I know it's Java's fault, since it has recently updated, before which everything was fine. I've googled around, but couldn't find anything relating to this.

I'm wondering if anyone here can offer some advice with this issue.

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If you Google SysFader: iexplore.exe you get a full list of issues and suggestions with tutorials by Microsoft – Darth_Vader Mar 5 '13 at 21:30
but none Java specific – Jean-Paul Mar 5 '13 at 21:49
couldn't find one that could resolve my issue; so I'd like to ask here. – Jean-Paul Mar 5 '13 at 21:54
can you list what you have tested to try and resolve the issue? I'm not trying to be rude but you ask a question that could have several possibilities. If we can isolate what you have tried it might narrow down your answer. – Darth_Vader Mar 5 '13 at 22:01
hmm. Disabling the JRE in IE works. Looks like updating Java is the solution. But is there any other way? – Jean-Paul Mar 5 '13 at 23:21

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