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Please suggest backup implementation that meets the following requirements:

  • Allows me to specify folders/files to backup
  • Stores the backup on a remote destination via ssh
  • Compresses the backup
  • Allows scheduling hourly backup + backup prior to system shutdown
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It depends a lot on what you want to do. There are many ways to do backups, from plain file copies using scp to much more sophisticated solutions. If you want to permanently keep the backups, I heartily recommend bup which you can find out about if you google bup backup.

This solves the "stores backup on remote destination via ssh" and "compresses the backup".

Whatever program you end up using, you can use cron to schedule hourly backups.

In addition the question on how to run a command on shutdown with Ubuntu has already been answered.

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I have wrote a simple bash script, in which scp is used. I will look into bup. Thanks. – tamakisquare Mar 6 '13 at 20:39

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