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I have an Laptop with an Aptio-BIOS and OEM Windows 8. My Harddrive is defect but warranty expired. So I bought a new Harddrive, built it in and now I´m trying to install Windows 8 from an original Windows 8 Setup-Disc. Every time I start the Laptop the BIOS-setup comes up. Now I achieved the boot menu, but the only Boot option is

UEFI: IP4 Realtek Ethernet Controller

How can I boot from the Setup-Disc?

EDIT: After activating CSM the setup still comes up and I´m still unable to boot from cd.

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See if there's an option to turn off secure boot. If that doesn't help, see if you can enable the "legacy BIOS" or "Compatibility Support Module (CSM)". –  Karan Mar 7 '13 at 1:49
after activating csm the setup still comes up –  Paedow Mar 9 '13 at 16:15

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Just got a "new" Notebook (selled here in Austria by "Hofer") and came to know that the BIOS changed and is different from previous ones: less possibilities to change and in the boot order option also only UEFI: IP4 Realtek UEFI: IP6 Realtek to choose from.

In the same menu the is a select box: "boot from windows8" which is activated

after chanaging this selection to "other system" and saving/reboot I was able to get into the F7 select boot device (F7 or F9 what ever suites your notebook) and start from DVD or harddisk. Selecting harddisk to boot from I was astonished: no windows 8 coming up so I had to go back to BIOS again and change back to "Boot from windows8"

Hope it helps, Fritz

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You should disable "fastboot mode" and restart before being able to see "Boot device priority"/"Boot override" : you should then see boot priority options

If you find other problems booting try setting "secure boot mode" to CMS

source : http://www.ockwebs.com/2012/08/aptio-bios-usb-boot/

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