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There are line bookmarks in Notepad++ but I have a large number of files (100+) I need to visit from time to time, just like web pages. I can't have all of them open as this would create too many tabs. Is there an option or plugin that allows me to keep the list of "frequently visited files" in N++?

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Look into Notepad++ session management

Sessions are a set of files opened in Notepad++. They store the open files, the active file (and which view, see the section about Multi-View), the current selection and position in the file, the current bookmarks (see Bookmarks) and the current language (see the section about Languages). Using sessions, you can open a set of (related) files with one action.

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I know this is too late, but I found an answer, and decided to share it:

Explorer plugin for Notepad++ by Jens Lorenz has Favorites functionality.

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