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Is there a way to set Google Chrome so that it opens pop-ups in tabs instead of opening new windows?

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This bug is exactly what the OP is asking for; go star it! – Matt Lachman Jun 22 '11 at 19:54
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There is a 3 step workaround you can do this by

  • You should know when the popup will be opened. Popups are blocked in chrome by default. But chrome will show a popup blocked notification in bottom right corner.
  • click on notification to select always accept popup from this specific site
  • Reload the main (parent) page. This will load the popup in small windows. Right click in titlebar of popup window and select "Show As Tab". Once popup is transformed in a window with tab, you can drag it back to main window.

Hope this helps.


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This works, but it's a fiddle. I need to do this operation several times a day. It's shame it can't be more automated. – oldmankit Nov 14 '13 at 9:59

There is the chrome extension One Window.

It is not perfect, as the popup will first be opened and then "transformed" into a tab, which you will see as a flicker. Otherwise it seems to work fine.

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Unfortunately, I may not always want just one window. There are times where I want to open a new window and have any popups generated from tabs in that window to join to that window. – Matt Lachman Jun 16 '11 at 13:52

I'm not sure about a setting that will make pop-ups open in tabs but you can Right-Click the top bar of the window (with the page title), select "Show As Tab" and then drag it to your main window.

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If you don't want to use those extensions, then the most simple solution is to Ctrl + Click the link you think it's a pop-up: it will be open as a new tab.

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That requires predicting in advance what the pop-ups will be and also doesn't work for Javascript links. – David Richerby Oct 4 '15 at 13:34
In that case, it's necessary to use a browser which opens all links, including pop-ups in new tabs, such as Maxthon, until Chrome has that ability. – Jesús Hagiwara Oct 4 '15 at 14:57

As of current chrome no there is not. When addons are more prevalent I can't see this as being hard to code in. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't one already if you run chrome with the --enable-extensions flag if you have the latest dev version of chrome and can find an addon|extensions that does this.

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I think the latest beta builds have extensions enabled by default. I removed the --enable-extensions bit and they still work. – Noam Gal Oct 20 '09 at 8:49

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