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I need to get a DisplayPort-connected monitor working on my PC.

I have bought a new monitor for my PC. The monitor is a Samsung S27A850D, which utilities DisplayPort but not HDMI. My PC does not have a display port slot. Does this mean that I need purchase a new video/graphics card? Otherwise, how do I connect a DisplayPort cable to a PC which does not have a DisplayPort slot?

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What slots do you have currently for video out? What slots do you have inside the system for add-in cards? – Canadian Luke Mar 6 '13 at 19:52

There are adapters for various ports. See DVI to DisplayPort options. But it looks like your monitor supports DVI and ships with a DVI cable. You should be able to use DVI from your video card to connect to it.

Doing some additional reading and that looks like a great monitor. To really drive it to it's full resolution you should use a video card that supports either dual-link DVI or display port.

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