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When OpenOffice opens a file in read-only mode, it does not show a cursor, and the arrow keys (up and down) will move the page instead of the cursor.

(By "cursor", I mean the blinking thing also called "caret" and not the mouse cursor.)

Is there any way to turn off the cursor when the document is not read-only?

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I don't find any options to disable the cursor. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll rather than arrow keys for smooth movement while reading.

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Try the File | Page Preview menu selection. You will have to fuss with the Zoom. The Preview toolbar provides page turning buttons.

PS: For me, it is actually annoying that there is no cursor in read-only documents. It means you can't select text and copy it, etc.

In OpenOffice, there is no cursor where you can't type. I suspect that is hard-wired. (This has got to be an interesting accessibility issue though.)

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I found a workaround that works on Unix systems. If I remove write-mode from the document (chmod -w mydoc), OpenOffice won't diplay a cursor and the arrow keys will move the page.

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Isn't that just making the file read-only? – Hello71 Aug 23 '10 at 2:01

It annoys me too. OpenOffice should copy Notepad++. In Notepad++, I go Settings > Preferences > Editing > Blink rate. Blink rate is maximum slow, which is a freeze.

Edit: Nevermind. Just go Control Panel > Keyboard > Cursor blink rate. I'm on Windows 7 though.

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On the Status Bar, "which is at the bottom, on the left there's page number that is the Status Bar click on the area indicating the current mode in order to switch to the other mode:

Insert mode is enabled. When in Writer: The text cursor is a blinking vertical line.Click on the area to enable the overwrite mode. (It must be in this format [ INSRT | STD ] then that way problem solved

The overwrite mode is enabled. When in Writer: The text cursor is a blinking block.Click on the area to enable insert mode.
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