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When consider about drop box security i searched a lot and found details about security in cloud. but no detail about pc. according to my findings there's a possibility (very low) of loose our data which is stored in cloud.

but my problem is security in my local machine. as all we know when we installed drop box it will automatically sync data in that folder. which means it reads our pc data. my problem is can it read other folders (which is not drop box folder) can hacker hack my pc data via drop box connection (get my pc stored data via drop box) ?

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Even if there was a vulnerability the client that is on your desktop wouldn't allow for a hacker to access any ( other ) data on your desktop. The client only syncs the local folder, it doesn't have the ability, to change that directory using the web interface. –  Ramhound Mar 7 '13 at 9:16

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The short answer is that it is very unlikely.

Without being able to see the code behind DropBox, we cant see any possible security exploits. Since DropBox's functionality is limited to its one local folder, it is not likely that it can access anything other that file and folder level functions at that point. It would be a fairly big vulnerability for the program to have functionality beyond that.

DropBox has been around for a long time and is fairly popular. If there were exploits that allowed backdoor access to a PC, a hacker would have found them by now.

As with any program - especially internet enabled - you have to weigh the risks versus the rewards. Personally, I feel DropBox is a convenient tool and have no reason to believe it is unsafe.

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Dropbox has access to %appdata% for its own database, but not for others to access. OneDrive on the other hand has a feature where you can retrieve files from the entire hard drive if you enable it! –  sunk818 Feb 17 at 21:11

Unless there is an unknown vulnerability, I would say you are likely safe.

Take note of this discussion of dropbox vulnerabilities.

Also take note of this iOS security event involving dropbox. Of course, this refers more to stealing account information rather than details unassociated with your dropbox folder.

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