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On my Outlook 2007 calendar, I view multiple calendars in overlay mode. For example, I can see my boss's calendar overlaid on my own.

I also have some automatic formatting (Edit > Automatic Formatting) rules set up to highlight certain calendar entries. For example, meetings I need to attend stand out in a nice bright yellow.

I don't want the automatic formatting to apply to the other calendars. I can't seem to find any field that I can filter on to limit the rule to just my calendar.

Any ideas?

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This seems to apply equally well to Outlook 2010. – Jeremy Stein Feb 2 '12 at 18:53

The short answer seems to be "you can't". The long answer seems to be "you can't, unless you can find a field under Automatic Formatting|Advanced|Field|All Appointment Fields that you can use to distinguish your calendar from your boss', but most of those would require luck, bodging or both" e.g. if he has a different version of Outlook to you, or you can get at the Outlook Datafile name

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Outlook Datafile name was a good idea. Unfortunately it shows up blank on all the calendars I checked. – Jeremy Stein Nov 13 '09 at 21:01
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I ultimately checked that the From or To field included me. That works pretty well. Meetings/appointments/reminders that I added for myself have the From field set to me. Meetings that I accepted from others have to To field including me. This rule also includes meetings on my boss's calendar that include both of us, but that's actually sort of useful.

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