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Whats the meaning, or what it does:

set -o emacs 


I saw it somewhere, and I a emacs user, so It make me curious.

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set -o emacs tells the shell to understand Emacs editing commands.

That is, you can use Emacs commands at your shell prompt and they will work as expected. For example:

  • Use CtrlK to delete a line.
  • Use CtrlT transpose two chars.
  • Use MetaP to delete a word.
  • Use CtrlP to go to the previous line, that is, the previous command.

(More commands here, note that not all will work because not all make sense at the command line.)

set -o emacs works with bash and ksh. Other Bourne-based shells may include this functionality, too.

At least for bash, emacs is the default editing mode. You can also choose vi with set -o vi.

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