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I know how to find it out by GUI, but I need to check this in cmd in batch script. Basically I need to find out if connection on PC is shared to some other users.

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Command line option to check if another user is connected to the system?

Perhaps the net session command?


I need to find out if sharing network is enabled on windows in general

To view what is shared by a specific computer

net view \\computername

For example

C:\> net view \\BUBBA
Shared resources at \\BUBBA

bubba Miniserver

Share name  Type  Used as  Comment

home        Disk           Home Directories
storage     Disk           Common storage
The command completed successfully.
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I guess it would work if someone was connected at the time, but what if no one is connected? I need to find out if sharing network is enabled on windows in general. – tikend Mar 8 '13 at 12:13
@tikend: see update. If you have other questions, please ask separately (and please take care with question titles). – RedGrittyBrick Mar 8 '13 at 14:39

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