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Over the last few years I've collected a bunch of SATA laptop hard drives. Most all of them are 250GB. I'm looking for an easy way to turn them into a NAS? Ideas?


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+1 for recycle. You have an old pc with SATA ports laying around? –  Carl B Mar 8 '13 at 23:01

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Wipe the contents, buy a cheap usb enclosure and sell on ebay.

If you do a NAS with that disks, it's not worth, because the disks are small, slow and not reliable.

Anyway, if you like to go that route, I suggest you to do it with linux+greyhole as it offers data duplication

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I use DriveBender with Windows 8 for a file server which can combine them into one storage pool. But given the small size it's probably not worthwhile.

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I like the idea of reuse of old parts. You could build a NAS with an old PC and someting like Free NAS. At 250GB each, you could dedicate storage by type to each drive and be very organized. Store all your pictures on one drive, all your music on another and movies on yet another. One or two can then be used to back up your other computers.

The hastle of selling them, the calls, the haggle and all that seems more a pain the the few bucks you would get.

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