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My ~/.profile contains the following:

if [ -z "$SSH_AUTH_SOCK" -a -x "$SSHAGENT" ]; then
 eval `keychain --eval id_rsa git-key`

As expected, I am prompted for a password on login and ssh-agent is started. However, it ends up only having the key id_rsa (verified via "ssh-add -l"). It doesn't load git-key into ssh-agent even though it and id_rsa have the same password. If I then run:

eval `keychain --eval id_rsa git-key`

from the command line git-key is also loaded and ssh-agent now has both keys.

My question is, why is only one of the two keys getting loaded on login?

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Doh! I use git to keep my .profile and other configs synced between several machines. My latest git merge didn't merge the way I expected so I had two different lines with calls to keychain only one of which was getting executed.

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