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I'm working quite a bit in Powerpoint 2010 and I very much need a shortcut-key to activate text wrapping for a chosen shape.

Is there a keyboard shortcut-key?

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Select the shape, then

alt, h, o, Pg down, up arrow, alt-w, Enter

The keys separated by a comma are pressed after one another, the alt-w is pressed simultaneously.

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Thx teylen, that's a bit longer than I hoped for. Isn't there a more direct shortkey? – And Mar 8 '13 at 6:59

You can create a PowerPoint macro using the following code and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar:

Sub ToggleShapeTextWrap()
    Dim oShp As Shape
    If ActiveWindow.Selection.Type <> ppSelectionShapes Then
        MsgBox "Please select some shapes!", vbExclamation, "Shape Selection"
        For Each oShp In ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange
            If oShp.HasTextFrame Then
                oShp.TextFrame.WordWrap = Not oShp.TextFrame.WordWrap
            End If
        Next oShp
    End If
End Sub

Unlike other Office apps I don't think you can define custom keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint macros without an add-in such as this one, so adding a button for the macro to the QAT or Ribbon would be the best way to enable quick access.

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