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I'm running VirtualBox on a Windows 7 Host, with an Ubuntu Linux guest OS.

I'm trying to set up Samba on Linux to access a folder (/home/user) from the Windows host as a share - which I believe SHOULD be possible, but having trouble getting it to work. I am aware of the Share Folder option of VirtualBox but I specifically need to get this done using Samba.

I installed Samba (apt-get install samba sambafs) and set up /etc/smbd.conf with a share

path = /home/user
read only = no
browseable = yes

Not worried about securing it by user just yet - want to get it working first.

I set up two network adapters in VirtualBox - one NAT so I can get to the Internet for apt-get and stuff, one Host-Only hoping that will let me access the Ubuntu guest from the host only. (Hence the lack of immediate concern over user-level security.)

Now, I can see an IP for the Host-only network in Windows, and tried to access it in the Windows Explorer - a blank window comes up and I don't see anything. The IP looks like If I put in \\\usershare it hangs for a while and fails.

How do I troubleshoot this?

Is this likely a networking config problem or a Samba problem?

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I have kind of an odd use case. I have a specific reason why I want to access the guest OS as a share in Windows. If I just wanted to copy files back and forth, you're right, VirtualBox shared folder is WAY easier. – wrschneider Mar 8 '13 at 19:00
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OK, I think I figured it out.

There were a few gaps in my understanding:

Samba setup

  • I realized that Samba users require their own authentication are not necessarily the same as UNIX usernames/passwords. So I created account with smbpasswd.
  • I then confirmed that Samba setup was correct by mounting locally within the VM using smbmount, e.g., smbmount //localhost/share /mnt/test -o user=testuser,pass=password

Virtualbox setup

  • I ended up wtih two NIC's on my VM - eth0 is default NAT adapter, then new eth1 is host-only
  • In the VM, I gave eth1 a static IP address on the same subnet as the host-only network in VirtualBox File>Preferences>Network menu. The key I was missing is that the VM needs a DIFFERENT IP address than the host-only adapter on the host side. So the host-only adapter in VirtualBox is on, the static IP for Ubuntu guest is (for example).
  • Finally, once this was set up, I could see the Samba share under \\\share\
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