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I have a very strange problem. Every time I try to login to Gmail ( with my username and my password over a browser (Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer), I cannot login. It says: "Username or Password incorrect".

If I try to do the same with an Android based browser (on mobile phone and Kindle Fire) the login works just fine.

I replicated the problem on four different computers with Linux (Mint Xcfe), Windows Vista& Windows 7) over the course of a week.

It just drives me crazy. Did anyone have the same problem? Or found a solution?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Have you tried typing the password into notepad where it's not masked, just to make sure all your keys are working and CAPS aren't on? – Derrick Mar 8 '13 at 19:02

Change your password to something different then try it on both, if the it happens again, update the post.

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try to login to from your browser and look for account activity reports, or try updating your settings from there.

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