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I've been trying to use TRAMP to remotely access some servers at work. I'm trying to connect to a remote server via Emacs to edit R files and run an R session remotely.

My set-up is as follows:

  • My machine is running Windows 7 with Emacs 24.2.1, Xming 7.5.062 and PuTTY 0.62

  • The server is running Red Hat 5.8

The relevant part of my .emacs file is:

(require 'tramp)
(setq tramp-default-method "plink")
(setq ssh-explicit-args '("-ssh -X"))
(setq explicit-shell-file-name '"/bin/zsh")

I am able to remotely connect, edit files, and run a shell but I can't get the server to open up windows on my window machine. I have access control off on the Xming instance on my Windows machine and if I use PuTTY to open a remote session I can get X windows working remotely. The problem is when I use plink via Emacs/TRAMP.


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