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My pendrive is recognized on every computer but it will appear and after some time will disappear causing windows to show a FAT32 error.

In Windows XP it says that the hardware is damaged. This happens within 2-3 seconds so I'm not able to format it.

In XP the properties for it shows zero space and in windows 7 it properly shows the disk space.

I don't know what exactly happened to it because I gave it to my friend and since then these issues are happening.

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It's possible that the USB key is corrupted (flash memory does have a finite number of write cycles), or the filesystem itself is corrupted. What did your friend happen to do with the key, and what OS was he/she using? –  Breakthrough Mar 8 '13 at 22:11

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It is possible that the USB port you are using is damaged so the easiest thing to do is to try several other ports. I would also try reinstalling the pendrives drivers or try it with another computer to see if that's the problem. If that's not it then it may be time to try to open the pendrives case and see if there isn't something you can fix or spend some money on a new pendrive. Perhaps check warranty and maybe research your pendrives model to see if there's similar issues.

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I would attempt formatting using diskpart within windows.

Use the follwing prompts to find out if the drive even has a volume in it. I recently had to send back a drive which was detected the volume wasn't in it. Meaning, the device was there but the "drive" in it wasn't there it was showing no volumes.

list disk

Find your disk select

select disk (x)
create partition primary
format quick

This will quickly format your drive and you can find out if its even working right. At this point if any of the steps fail you can go look for hardware problems.

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