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I installed MetroTwit's desktop version and want to create a shortcut for it. Now, the shortcut asks for an executable path. There is no entry for MetroTwit or "Pixel Tucker Pty Ltd". The shortcut in this folder %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Pixel Tucker Pty Ltd shows this:

enter image description here

I remember finding the executable once but now I'm unable to find it. I have looked in ProgramData, Program Files and AppData but no luck. Please help.

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ClickOnce app updates create new folders, so the identified path will change in future. Also see Can I set a ClickOnce application as the default program to open a filetype on a PC? for more details about such apps. – Karan Mar 10 '13 at 4:37
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It was located in this directory for me:


Here is how I found it:

Launch Task Manager: Task Manager

Find the Following Listed: MetroTwit Process

Right Click on It: Open File Location

Here is what the folder looks like: File Location

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