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Yesterday, for the first time, my laptop blackened out and I noticed it's base was pretty heated up. I Googled the cause and came to know that some laptop shuts itself down to prevent damage to the hardware due to overheating.

Today, I tried to power-on my laptop and it booted up normal, except for the fact that Windows Time wasn't showing the current time, it was still showing the last boot-time (Yesterday's). I went to the services panel of the Windows, located "Windows Time Service" and set it to auto-boot, as it was disabled in the start-up previously.

I shut down my computer and started it again after 15 minutes but it was again showing the last boot time (15 minutes ago). I think, something is broken when the laptop shut down due to overheat, as it's not taking into account of the time when it's turned-off. Do I need to change CMOS Battery? Waiting for the reply, thank you in anticipation.

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Reset all time-related settings to default and reboot. If it doesn't work it's probably the CMOS battery, although that's a bit odd. You can replace it, or, alternatively, use internet time instead of local time.

Click on the clock to bring up the calendar and click on Change date and time settings. Select the Internet Time tab and sync it with or

P.S.: Check the BIOS time to make sure it's the CMOS battery fault.

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