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I am looking into installing Eclipse but I'm having a slight difficulty. Unlike Visual Studio eclipse needs some very odd addons and things that are on their website. Is there just a complete version where I can get everything immediately? I don't want to just keep installing these things in case I need them I just want them all there.

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Looking at the eclipse downloads page.. Are you sure they are extensions and non-contradictory. Like, maybe Eclipse for java is a different Eclipse to eclipse for C. So, what I mean is , if you install both, perhaps they might be two separate eclipse installations, one configured for java, one configured for C. So, perhaps they're not like addons/extensions/plugins. Have you checked? On the website it calls each one a "package". I suggest checking as maybe they're not extensions as you think. – barlop Mar 9 '13 at 21:56
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When you download an Eclipse package, say Eclipse for Java or Eclipse for C++, you're simply downloading the base platform with a language specific perspective or set of plugins. Irrespective of which package you downloaded you can always follow the instructions here to install new software.

Just go to Help / Install New Software, select or specify the proper software repository URL for your version (for example, Juno's repository is at, then check the Programming Languages section and install JDT, CDT etc.

I don't think there's one huge combined download available, but once you've downloaded everything you need you can simply carry the main folder and your workspace around, since the app's pretty much portable in nature (might need to adjust some paths, especially for Java VM or external tools though).

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Well I guess that's my best option. Thanks for the help. – Griffin Mar 11 '13 at 14:44

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