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My family has an internet plan that is very old. We don't have the newer plans that have really fast internet speeds. Usually my download speeds are at 90 kb/sec. The highest download speeds that I can get that are consistent are MAX.114 kb/sec. But thats if no one else is on the network and I'm not doing anything, but that download.

Right now, I am downloading something on iTunes and it is going up to (and over) 900 kb/sec.

What is going on? Am I not getting the download speeds that I am paying for? If that is happening than what can I do to use my full speed. Is iTunes doing something?

I really want a faster internet as when watching videos they buffer half of the time.

If it is possible that my internet could be faster than what can I do to make it faster.


*I also have a picture of the download speeds on my computer. I can add in a link to it if that is helpful.

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kB/s and kb/s isn't the same. B is for bytes, b is for bits. One byte is equal to 8 bits. iTunes gives you 900 kb/s, which is around 112 kB/s. It's exactly the same speed, but in different units.

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