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since CentOS 6.4 was released yesterday, I started doing testing with it and found a weird issue, so I ask here in case somebody else can help me with a solution.

My setup

  • Linux CentOS 6.3 Server + XFCE-4
  • Remote access using NX Client from Windows 7. Also works with client.
  • I have an International keyboard, model: pc105 + layout: es, all keys are working fine, special chars, I didn't have to do anything special to get this working, it just works.

I run a yum update, all the new packages download, server now is running CentOS 6.4, no other changes in configuration.

The issue is that after the update, when I connect via NX Client or, the keyboard is not being set, from what I see:

  • Most of the keys appears to be a US keyboard
  • Cannot type the letter "P" (seriously, it's the only letter I cannot type, nothing happens)

When I open a terminal and execute "setxkbmap" (have to access the server through ssh and create an script since cannot type the "p" in the command), this is the output:

Couldn't interpret _XKB_RULES_NAMES property
Use defaults: rules - 'base' model - 'pc105' layout - 'us'

Using one script I managed to execute:

setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout es

This fixes the issue with special chars, however I still cannot type the letter "P"

Other testing I have done:

  • Installed another CentOS-6.4 (from 6.4 CD, no update)
  • Keyboard map works fine in the main console, tested with GNOME (startx) and XFCE (startxfce4)
  • Keyboard map works fine when accessing via XDMCP from other host
  • The same keyboard issues if I install nx/freenx on the server and configure the access.
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This is something you should report to CentOS bugzilla. – vonbrand Mar 10 '13 at 2:52
Reported on CentOS Bugs as – jhcaiced Mar 10 '13 at 11:41
Please check your formatting – lists need to be formatted differently. – slhck Mar 23 '13 at 9:39

Filed a bug with CentOS ( and it seems that this issue is related to this bug (

The problem is with the xkeyboard-config-2.6-6 package which is being included in CentOS-6.4.

UPDATE: An alternative solution, you can update all the packages to CentOS-6.4 and then run the command:

# touch /usr/share/X11/xkb/keymap.dir

Old Solution: In the mean time, my solution is to downgrade the package to the version used in CentOS-6.3 and exlude it from being updated again.

Download the old package from:

Force removal of the new package and install the old package:

rpm -e --force xkeyboard-config
rpm -ivh xkeyboard-config-2.3-1.el6.noarch.rpm

To avoid the package being updated again, add the following line to /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo in the [base] section.

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If you are running Xfce 4.8, there are default key bindings for Super-p and Super-Tab which seems to cause problems for OpenNX. Apparently there is something which makes it seem like the Super key is stuck, but I don't know the underlaying issue for this unfortunately.

You can try to remove these bindings and see if this quick-fixes your problem:

sed -i '/property name="<Super>p"/d' \
sed -i '/property name="<Super>Tab"/d' \
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