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My 11-year old daughter and I built her first PC today, but now that all the components are in place, the machine will only turn on for a second then it turns off right away.

Possibly Relevant Specs:

  • Biostar TP55 ATX Motherboard
  • Intel i3-560
  • Apevia X-Cruiser 2 Case
  • Antec Basiq 550W Power Supply

I have re-checked all connections, and tested the power supply independently. Everything seems to be fine. The Biostar motherboard makes mention of its "CPU Savior" capabilities, so I made sure the heat-sink is making conta11-oct with the processor (it is), cleared the CMOS, and powered up again only to experience the same issue.

Is the CPU Savior actually the issue? If so, why does it think my heat sink isn't making contact when it definitely is? Is there a way to disable that capability? Or could something else be the issue here?

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Mystery solved, the problem had nothing to do with CPU Savior, the issue was an extra standoff shorting out the motherboard. Since Carl B updated his answer with the solution, I marked it as the correct answer. Thanks for the help everyone! –  justinpeck Mar 10 '13 at 16:17

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The machine will only turn on for a second then it turns off right away.

This would suggest possible power issue and not a heat issue.

I have re-checked all connections

A few items to check:

  1. Standoffs are installed ONLY in places appropriate for the motherboard type (ATX, Micro ATX, and so on). Your board is ATX format. Could cause a short on the motherboard.

    ATX standoff map

  2. One connection that may have been missed is the 4 pin power connection to the motherboard. If you do not connect the 4 pin power from your PSU, you will get the symtioms you are describing. It never really turns on does it? Just a slight look of a trouble start up (maybe a kight on a fan and then it's out)


Is the CPU Savior actually the issue?

No. This is because your CPU never gets to any thermal point for CPU Savior to shut down the PC for it to be the issue. Your CPU would have to have hit the heat threshold to be shut down by CPU Savior. (As from that faq you linked in your question.)

This is how to reset after a shut down by CPU savior: Note! You must clear your system CMOS before to turn on your system, again. Also, the new CPU Savior technology just to depend on AMD XP CPU, only. In early stage, the AMD Athlon and Duron which are not support this function. Last, let us to summarize this work procedure as below. 1.AMD XP CPU Temperature is reached the limit. 2.System will shut down, automatically. 3.Clear CMOS. 4.Make sure the CPU ran is working properly, the contact area between CPU and the heatsink is evenly. 5.Turn On your computer.

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Thanks for the great response Carl. I did actually make sure both the 20+4 and the 4-pin power connections on the motherboard were in place, so that's not it either. I do get power for a half-second or so (enough for the fans to kick on and the LEDs to flash) then everything goes dead again. –  justinpeck Mar 10 '13 at 5:22
How did you confirm PSU was ok? Just curious. –  Carl B Mar 10 '13 at 5:53
Yes, verified the Power Supply independently. It works just fine. –  justinpeck Mar 10 '13 at 6:00
You may want to call biostar and see if they recomend an RMA. 626-581-1055 menu 2 or email support@biostar-usa.com. Sometimes it is just bad gear. –  Carl B Mar 10 '13 at 6:11
Thanks for the help everyone, the mystery is now solved! As Carl guessed, the issue was not with the CPU Savior functionality. It was an extra standoff shorting out the board. Once I removed the extra standoff, the system powered up normally. –  justinpeck Mar 10 '13 at 6:35

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