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All the answers I've read seem to relate to connecting Linux to Windows or Windows to Linux or Linux to Linux just using a terminal.

I want to remotely connect to my Dads Linux Mint machine who lives the other side of the country from my Linux Mint machine using a visual display like what I have on my machine. So, Linux to Linux visually.

Both systems go via a Broadband router.

So, can anyone suggest how I achieve a GUI based visual display between the two Linux machines? Like you can do using Remote Desktop on two Windows computers?

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You can use VNC with a GUI application (via SSH tunnelling):

If you're looking for a Windows-like multi-user remote desktop experience, you can use NX over SSH:

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nx does also seem to be significantly faster than X forwarding. It also lets you keep persistant sessions, which is awesome –  Journeyman Geek Mar 10 '13 at 11:55

A couple of options I can think of. Chrome web browser has a desktop sharing app which will allow you to access remote computers easily. The other one is Teamviewer.

I have used both and can recommend them. They both work Linux to linux and also across platform.

Chrome Remote desktop


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