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Is there a file in Windows XP that tells you which Printers and maybe which Map Network drives you have?

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There is no preset file that I know of, but you can create a file with the list of mapped network drives with the following command:

net use >drives.txt

This will create a file called drives.txt with the information.

If you want this file to be automatically updated, you can create a scheduled task to do it for you.

Edit: For printers, try this:

cscript //Nologo %windir%\system32\prnmngr.vbs -l >printers.txt

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Any way to do this for the printers? – thegreyspot Oct 16 '09 at 23:33
I updated my answer to include printers. – i-g Oct 17 '09 at 2:41
Did I mention you are amazing? – thegreyspot Oct 17 '09 at 3:12

You are specifically looking for a file? Or simply finding out whether you have either of these things? On your own machine? If so, uhm. . ., it is as simple as double clicking My Computer and seeing your Mapped Drives there. It will appear under "Network Drives".

But if you are seeking this information to export and import:

Try this at Technet.

and this for printers:

A tool at, search for Print Migrator 3.1. Sorry I can't post a second link because I am new.

Hope these help.

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Or, if you are looking to see which shares are accessible on your own machine you can run: %systemroot%\system32\fsmgmt.msc – JMD Oct 16 '09 at 22:55

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