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Like Vim, vimperator use j/k to scroll up and down. It's too slow by default so I need to remap them.

nnoremap k 5k
nnoremap j 5j

What surprises me is that the lines that are scrolled are not equal. j scrolls much more than one line(actually more lines than <c-f>!), but k seems right. The scroll of j is still not right even if I nnoremap j j. When I comment nnoremap j 5j, however, j seems to do the right job(one line down).

It's firefox 13.0.1 and Vimperator 3.6.1 and the whole vimperatorrc file can be seen at

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Thanks for pointing out that such a mapping makes things more efficient. I've added this to my .pentadactylrc (and incidentally, the combination of Firefox 19.0.2, and Pentadactyl hg6882 does not exhibit the behavior you describe). However, this question is probably more suited to vimperator's issue tracker. – Neil Forrester Mar 10 '13 at 21:01
@NeilForrester Thanks for your reply. I just updated my firefox to 19.0 and now the scroll is right:-) – Hongxu Chen Mar 11 '13 at 1:41
@NeilForrester Well, the problem still exists when I wirte nnoremap j 5j into the rc file, however it works right when I add the remap in the modeline after firefox has been started. – Hongxu Chen Mar 11 '13 at 4:55
fwiw, like vim, one option might be to use ctrl-d (down half page) and ctrl-u (up half page). I'm not sure about vimperator, but in vim this scroll size is adjustable (set scroll={lines}); it's a half page only by default. – michael_n May 14 at 7:58

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