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I am a college student eligible to buy Microsot Office 365 University, a four-year Office subscription. However, if all goes well I'll be done with studying in less than two years. Can I use the Office subscription for the remaining years after that, both legally and in practice?

If yes, can I reactivate the subscription (e.g. due to a computer reinstall) while no longer being eligible?

I read through the terms and conditions and it doesn't talk about eligibility at any time after the purchase. The EULA hardly talks about student software. I also read this FAQ and this longer FAQ, but both don't answer my question. Multiple Google searches turned up conflicting information.

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While writing this question I saw a box in which I could ask a Microsoft Store Salesperson my questions, and here's what she said:

Yes. You need to be eligible in the moment of the purchase. Once you have purchased you are entitled to the subscription for 4 years.

If you need to reinstall the software, you will be able to do that from your Microsoft Account. It will not verify your eligibility.

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