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In Windows 8, how can I find out what local policies I have modified from their default No Set values?

Basically, I've tinkered with my Windows 8 laptop until i finally like it after 3 or 4 months of use. A lot of this was because I've edited the local policies.

But, I have no idea of the entire list of changes I've made.

Alternatively, is there a way to export the local policy and possibly reapply it to another Windows 8 machine?

Thanks in advance!

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You want secedit. Start a command prompt as administrator (right click -> Run as admin).

secedit /export /cfg "filename"

Then secedit /import /cfg "filename" on the other machine.

It's plain text, but not the most user friendly. You can also export/import to security template databases. You'll definitely want to review all the options so you get exactly what you want.

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I'll give it a shot and will report back. I saw the secedit and was wondering if it would do everything, not just security policies. – Eric Duncan Mar 12 '13 at 20:09
Unless I've lost my marbles (a possibility) local "group policy" is referred to as security policy. Group policy comes from domain membership and such. – LilCodger Mar 12 '13 at 21:07
I'm not in front of my Win8 machine, but this showed up for Win7, which is very similar in many ways:… – LilCodger Mar 12 '13 at 22:39
Coming back here after a year or so to say this worked. :) – Eric Duncan Feb 10 '14 at 21:41

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