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If an image is not saved while viewing it in Tor, what happens to it when the Tor browser is shut down? Is there a copy/thumbnail saved somewhere, or a reference to it on the hard drive? Does a person have to erase anything when Tor is shut down?

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If you type about:cache in Firefox you will see the following information:


Only large image and media files are stored as individual files on disk in Firefox's cache folder. Other files are stored in a few large container files and not as separate files on disk. The individual files on disk have random names without a file extension for security reasons, so you can't open an application or start a downloaded virus inadvertently by clicking a file in the cache folder.

The OfflineCache folder for portable Firefox bundled with Tor can be found at:


Under Options / Privacy Never remember history should be selected by default. You can also select Use custom settings as long as Clear history when Firefox closes along with all related settings is selected. This should ensure that nothing's retained on disk when Firefox closes. Of course the data is not securely erased/wiped from disk so it might be possible for a forensics expert to retrieve some or all of it from the deleted cache files, but unless you find yourself in that sort of situation it's unlikely a normal user will ever be able to tell exactly what (ahem) images you were viewing.

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