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How can I make encfs4win search for the encfs6 file in another location?
I tried modifying the encfs_mount.cmd file at the end, like so:

set ENCFS6_CONFIG=c:/test1/.encfs6.xml 
%pathtoencfs%encfs -f -v -d "%crypt%" "%decrypt%"

where crypt = c:\test4 and decrypt = J:.

If I have the correct encfs6 file in c:\test4 then the volume mounts regardless of whether I add the set ... line. But if I move the encfs6 file in c:\test1 then the application will get to the point where it asks for the password and then kind of does nothing else and then I close it; the drive does not appear to be mounted. I'm sure the ENCFS variable is detected because if I use it like this: set ENCFS6_CONFIG=c:/test1/ I get something along the lines of "found config file c:\test1\ but failed to load" so the variable has some effect.

Thank you in advance.
edit1: BTW if you intend to test make sure you run all commands/ executable as admin

edit2: i tried on another pc .
I created and mounted the drive using a slightly modified version of the encfs_mount.cmd file

@echo off
rem Batch file for mounting encfs encrypted folders
title encfs: Mount an encrypted folder to a decrypted one

rem Check if Windows XP or Windows 7 rem XP: C:\Documents and Settings (or language specific folder) rem 7: C:\Users

set oprsystem=%appdata:~3,5% if %oprsystem%==Users ( set ops=win7 ) else ( set ops=winxp )

set ininumber=1 rem An ini file will be created for future access if not exist encfs.ini goto firsttime set ininumber=0

rem List existing encrypted / decrypted folder pairs echo Already existing encrypted / decrypted folder pairs: echo. for /F "tokens=1,2,3,4 delims=µ" %%i in (encfs.ini) do ( echo No.: %%i Name: %%j echo Encrypted folder: %%k echo Decrypted folder: %%l echo. ) echo. echo Choose which pair should be mounted. echo Type the corresponding number and press ENTER echo Just press ENTER if you want to create a new pair. echo.

set /p ininumber=Type number:

set new=yes for /F "tokens=1,2,3,4 delims=µ" %%i in (encfs.ini) do ( if %%i==%ininumber% ( set crypt=%%k set decrypt=%%l set pair=%%j set new=no ) set number=%%i )

if %new%==no goto mount rem Increment ininumber for new folder pair set /a ininumber= %number% + 1

:firsttime rem First time use rem Ask for folder locations

cls echo Please enter the location for the folder echo that will contain the encrypted files and press ENTER: echo [e.g. d:\crypt - don't use a trailing backslash] echo.

set /p crypt=

echo. if %ops%==win7 echo Please enter the location for the drive if %ops%==winxp echo Please enter the location for the folder echo where you want to be able to access the decrypted files and press ENTER. if %ops%==win7 echo [e.g. x: - don't use a trailing backslash] if %ops%==winxp echo [e.g. d:\plain or x: - don't use a trailing backslash] echo.

set /p decrypt=

echo. echo Please enter a name for the encrypted / decrypted folder pair and press ENTER echo [e.g. Secret Files] echo.

set /p pair=

echo. echo. echo.

echo %ininumber%µ%pair%µ%crypt%µ%decrypt%>>encfs.ini

:mount cls echo Mount "%crypt%" to "%decrypt%" if not exist "%crypt%" md "%crypt%" rem If decrypt folder is a drive and encfs is on its first run decrypt folder is set to a temp folder set lastchar=%decrypt:~-1% if "%lastchar%"==":" ( if not exist "%crypt%.encfs6.xml" ( set decrypt="%temp%\decrypttemp" if not exist "%temp%\decrypttemp" md "%temp%\decrypttemp" echo. echo IMPORTANT echo After initialising encfs for the first time echo please close this window and start "encfs_mount" again echo. pause echo. ) ) else ( if not exist "%decrypt%" md "%decrypt%" )

rem Mount encfs set pathtoencfs=M:\kit\encfs4w\encfs4win\ set pathtolog=M:\kit\encfs4w\encfs4win\ set pathtowtee=M:\kit_util\ echo. set ENCFS6_CONFIG=M:\test4.encfs6.xml (%pathtoencfs%encfs -f -v -d "%crypt%" "%decrypt%") 2>&1 | %pathtowtee%wtee.exe -a %pathtolog%log.txt


so on this new pc %crypt%=m:\test1 and %decrypt%=j:

and here is the log file

20:57:27 (main.cpp:521) Root directory: m:\test1/
20:57:27 (main.cpp:522) Fuse arguments: (fg) (threaded) (keyCheck) M:\kit\encfs4w\encfs4win\encfs C:\Users\dabb\AppData\Local\Temp\decrypttemp -f -d -s -o use_ino -o default_permissions 
20:57:27 (FileUtils.cpp:177) version = 20
20:57:27 (FileUtils.cpp:181) found new serialization format
20:57:27 (FileUtils.cpp:199) subVersion = 20100713
20:57:27 (Interface.cpp:165) checking if ssl/aes(3:0:2) implements ssl/aes(3:0:0)
20:57:27 (SSL_Cipher.cpp:372) allocated cipher ssl/aes, keySize 24, ivlength 16
20:57:27 (Interface.cpp:165) checking if ssl/aes(3:0:2) implements ssl/aes(3:0:0)
20:57:27 (SSL_Cipher.cpp:372) allocated cipher ssl/aes, keySize 24, ivlength 16
20:57:27 (FileUtils.cpp:1621) useStdin: 0
EncFS Password: 20:57:31 (Interface.cpp:165) checking if ssl/aes(3:0:2) implements ssl/aes(3:0:0)
20:57:31 (SSL_Cipher.cpp:372) allocated cipher ssl/aes, keySize 24, ivlength 16
20:57:31 (openssl.cpp:49) Allocating 41 locks for OpenSSL
20:57:31 (FileUtils.cpp:1627) cipher key size = 44
20:57:31 (Interface.cpp:165) checking if nameio/block(3:0:1) implements nameio/block(3:0:0)

Dokan: debug mode on
Dokan: use stderr
device opened
mounted: C:\Users\dabb\AppData\Local\Temp\decrypttemp -> \Volume{i delete the guid}
DokanRemoveMountPoint C:\Users\dabb\AppData\Local\Temp\decrypttemp
DokanControl recieved DeviceName:\Volume{i delete the guid}
send release

UPDATE3: woa i can't believe no one is having this problem with non-default locations for .encfs6.xml. Just to make it clear, despite the mounting done by DOKAN, the drive does not appear in my comp

UPDATE4: for now i found a workaround. Instead of storing the 'encfs6' file in a different location than the one where the encrypted files are, i store the encrypted content in a folder that is in another location.And i create a directory junction that points to the encrypted content, and store it in the folder with the 'encfs6' file.

So first i have

Encryptedfolder|--- .encfs6.xml  
               |--- file1 (scrambledname)  
               |--- file2 (scrambledname)  

then i create the folder

Encryptedfolder    |--- .encfs6.xml    
                    |--- file1 (scrambledname)  
                    |--- file2 (scrambledname)
                    |--- folder1 (scrambledname) 

i move all content except for folder1 (scrambledname) to an external folder ( Dropbox )

Encryptedfolder|--- .encfs6.xml
               |--- folder1 (scrambledname) 

afterwards i copy folder1(scrambledname)s name and i use it to create a directory junction to the dropbox wuala teamdriver etc. folder. Of course you have to delete folder1 before that, because the junction must take the folder's place and trick encfs4win.

Encryptedfolder|--- .encfs6.xml
               |--- folder1 (scrambledname; this a junction to dropbox folder) 

i still want to solve the problem with ENCFS6_CONFIG

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You should set ENCFS6_CONFIG with a relative path to Root directory. For example, ENCFS6_CONFIG=../../Directory1/.encfs6.xml

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It seems the configuration file cannot be opened because enc4fs reads quoted file name from environment variable and passes it to configuration reader unchanged. So it tries to open


instead of


Digging a bit it looks like a boost problem. Hope somebody will contribute a fix.

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I just tried it and set ENCFS6_CONFIG as a system variable in the system settings. I've set it to


and after removing the xml file from the encrypted directory it still mounts it. Solved the problem for me.

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