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I want to modify samba to add some security features. After doing the modification, I want to verify that the responses of all the SMB requests are valid. However, I don't know how to the SMB clients to trigger some of the commands, such as trans2.query_path_info.unix_info2.

Are there any ways to test all of SMB commands supported by samba?

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Quick Google search seems to show that Samba comes with a pretty comprehensive test suite.


The Samba4 testsuite consists of the following - basic components: - smbtorture ad-hoc tests - smbtorture individual (RAW) tests - levelscanners - smbclient - gentest - locktest - locktest2 - masktest

"A levelscanner is a program that tries every subcall and information level of a CIFS transaction requestsuch as TRANS2"

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