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Possible Duplicate:
Which should I install first, Windows XP or Windows 7?

I want to make a dual boot system with Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Now I installed Windows 7 64bit edition and found 2 programs that I need don't work in Windows 7. I think it is more the fact because of the 64bit part and not of Windows 7.

So it probably will be a while(possibly years) till everything will work 100% on 64bit stuff but I like 64bit and that's where everyone is heading anyways so might as well start using it and actually make use of my 4gigs of ram.

Anyways, I installed Windows XP just now and I notice that every time I load up my pc. It just goes straight to Windows XP and does not give a list of my operating systems to choose from.

So I am assuming I have to do another step to get this to work.

No I did not copy over Windows 7 when I installed XP. It is still there

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This has been answered before:, Maybe you'll find more information there. – alex Oct 17 '09 at 7:52

LifeHacker has a complete step by step procedure of exactly what you want to do... Refer to that link and probably you would find the solution to your problem...

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Windows XP doesn't understand the Win7 bootloader, so installing XP overwrote it with XP's own bootloader. Your Win7 install is probably OK, you just need to boot your Win7 Installation Disc and run the Startup Repair process.

Here's an alternate link for the same process that may be clearer.

This question pertains to a similar problem.

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