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I'm trying to connect to my Amazon EC2 from my laptop using NFS. I've installed nfs-utils rpcbind and have the following in /etc/exports

/mnt/data/myuser *(rw,async)

Then load the changes

exportfs -ar

And start the services

service rpcbind start
service nfs start
service nfslock start

And finally open the following ports in Amazons "Security Group" for the instance.

  • TCP: 111, 2049
  • UDP: 111, 32806

Then on my laptop (MacBook Pro), i try the following

mkdir test
mount -t nfs myserver.com:/mnt/data/myuser ./test

But I get the following response each time:

mount_nfs: can't mount /mnt/data/myuser from nmdev.no onto ./test: Operation timed out

Any ideas why this might be happening?

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Did you ever fix your problem? I'm experiencing the same issues with mounting an NFS share –  Ben Fransen Apr 12 at 11:12
Unfortunately I did not –  frigg May 30 at 12:49

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