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The instructions on HP's website indicate that this driver comes with Windows XP and does not need to be downloaded. I have the original CD that came with the printer, but that fails saying it is not compatible with Windows XP.

Every other manual way I try to add the printer, at some point asks me to insert the Windows XP CD to complete the process. I purchased this computer from a surplus at my place of employment and do not have the disc. I have searched everywhere to try and find a downloadable version of the driver.

Is there any other way to get this printer working?

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Try using the PCL 6 HP Universal Print driver for XP here:

This will make the basic functions of 90% of HP's range of printers work. It's worth a shot. It will not include some of the advanced features that may be available with your printer, but if it works, it'll allow you to print, which is better than nothing.

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