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Google Earth Engine contains a number of interesting datasets in the Featured gallery:

We have precomputed a number of interesting datasets using the Earth Engine platform, below. Click on each to learn more and preview the data as a global time-lapse or as a layer in a Google Earth client.

Then I click on any of them, I get The Google Earth Plugin is currently only available on Windows and Mac OS X 10.6+..

How can I get those datasets directly in the stand-alone Google Earth client? The standalone client has a button for Earth gallery, but that doesn't appear to contain those Earth Engine layers.

Even if I use the browser inside Google Earth to browse to the Earth Engine website, I get the message that the Google Earth plugin is not available on my platform.

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Added an answer below. Separately, curious what platform you're using. Chrome on Linux? – Eric Nguyen Mar 19 '13 at 21:28

A hack would be to get links to the actual KMZ files by looking at the javascript source ( Search that file for "kmz".

For example:

Each url there can then be opened in Google Earth using the "Network Link" feature.

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