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I've been using

for %i in (.\*.prt) do echo %i >> newfile.prt && type %i >> newfile.prt

to concentate many many files in Command Prompt. Using this one because it adds the file name before each individual file. Problem is it ends up duplicating. I think that's because it's putting it in the same folder. How can I amend this script to dump it into a different folder?

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Um, >> ..\otherdir\newfile.prt? – Scott Mar 12 '13 at 20:05

Reference the different directory instead... Example:

for %%i in (*.prt) do (
   echo %%i>> "<OTHER_DIRECTORY>\newfile.prt"
   type %%i>> "<OTHER_DIRECTORY>\newfile.prt"

Or if not in a batch file:

for %i in (*.prt) do echo %i>> "<OTHER_DIRECTORY>\newfile.prt" && type %i>> "<OTHER_DIRECTORY>\newfile.prt"
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