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I have setup my outlook to always store a copy of the email before I send them out into the Sent folder.

However, is it possible to exclude certain email address inside the To field?

e.g. Suppose there is a rule that is configure that if a email that I put inside the To field, the rule will not store a copy of the email into the Sent folder. The outlook will just send the email out.

Or does other email client application (e.g. Thunderbird) able to perform such operation?

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One way you could do this is to manage Sent Items through your own rule. So turn off Save Message I send to Sent Items folder in the account settings.

Then create a new rule, in the Rules Wizard choose Apply to Messages I send in the Start from Blank Rule section.

Then first, you just want to create a rule that copies all messages to Sent Items. Once you have this, and it works, you can add exceptions to this rule for those email addresses you don't want to keep.

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