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I' m a Windows newbie because most of my time I use Linux systems so this question may seem stupid. As far as i know there are only 16 IRQs (0-15) and it is chipset - dependent (APIC controller).But when I use control panel in Windows 7 and looked for IRQs I saw a strange thing: enter image description here

I'm russian but I think - it must be clear for everyone. As you can see on the picture there are normal IRQ's like IRQ 0 - system timer, IRQ8 -CMOS, etc...But there IRQ's 16,18(north bridge and so on) and IRQ's 81-102 (Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System).Why are there so many IRQ's on my machine? And what it is Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System and why are there so many IRQ's for it?

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I am irq'd by this too. –  ta.speot.is Mar 13 '13 at 9:27

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IRQs 0-15 are physical IRQ. Anything higher than 15 is a virtual IRQ. Most IRQs can be shared.

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