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I use debian testing. Two weeks ago I ran apt-get dist-upgrade on my desktop as usual. Unfortunately, a major league bug has been occurring since then. I did a few upgrades more later in the belief that this would fix the problem. My difficulty lies in examining which package caused it.

I saw the bug for the first time when I opened chromium one reboot after the dist-upgrade. Chromium showed its window and immediately killed the X server. Same thing happened with google-chrome but only when entering certain websites (!). The bug seems to affect blender too. The difference is that it doesn't kill X, it just gives me

glibc detected blender: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x00007fe28000c100 

and memory map.

I hoped that downgrade will help, but changing version of libpthread changed nothing and changing libc6 isn't easy. I would like to make sure what the source of this behaviour is rather than blindly experimenting.

How should I examine the situation?

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